Ask The house Experts brings together an elite group of both National and Northern Utah local experts together in one place to answer housing related questions. The professionals on this site are some of the best in their respective fields. When you need a solid gold answer, then bring it to us at

NATIONAL EXPERTS - The National perspective is always important when answering housing questions, and we are continuing to add the best and brightest to our expert list. Many of our National experts are drawn from an exclusive online group known as the Indagators. The Indagators are comprised of professionals, that include:

  • Inspectors,
  • Structural engineers,
  • Electrical engineers,
  • Real estate lawyers,
  • as well as specialists that include:
    • Stucco,
    • Roofing,
    • Water entry,
    • Thermal imaging,
    • Energy efficiency,
    • Indoor air quality,
    • Green building,
    • and even a Rocket Scientist thrown in for diversity.

LOCAL EXPERTS - We have a growing list of Northern Utah experts that give a local perspective to the housing questions posed on the Forum. When you need a professional to complete a job, testify in court, or perform a service, please consider the professionals that answer your questions on this website.

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