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LeavittWelcome to the Hall of Shame. It is here that we will Spotlight some of the insipid, the silly, and the downright dangerous conditions found in housing.

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This “Hall of Shame” photo shows a severely undersized deck beam hangar.


This was a new 2007 home in Vancouver Washington built by a well known Northwest Custom home builder. At first glance the deck seemed over built.  Upon closer evaluation it was overbuilt, with the exception of an undersized bracket used to attach and support the deck to the home. This deck’s structure was compromised by the use of the over sized beam and not using a corresponding bracket.  Although the bracket size may be adequate for the load on this deck it is incorrectly being used per the manufacturer’s guidelines. This means that it is not being used as it was tested and designed for, and the manufacturer will void any guarantee or responsibility for a failure.

Keep up the great work, it is appreciated,


James Fronsdahl

James Fronsdahl is the owner of Associated Inspection Firm, Inc. in Vancouver, Washington. James is a member of the American Institute of Inspectors and he can be reached via his website at, by email at, or by phone at any of the following numbers:

360-546-2093 Washington

503-774-1916 Oregon

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